Laguardia Navarrete

19,6 Kms

Never say or do anything until you have asked yourself whether it will be pleasing to God, good for yourself, and edifying to your neighbor.

Rioja is a fertile region of farms and vineyards, but it is also a crossroads for ancient civilizations and for modern pilgrims. Ancient Celtic peoples, some of the first inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula, lived in these regions, and over time, the Roman, Visigoth, and Muslim civilizations also touched this place. Nowadays, it is a crossroads on the Camino Santiago, and you will see many pilgrims passing by you, honoring St. James, on their way to Santiago. Some of these pilgrims will be wearing a ‘scallop shell,’ the distinctive symbol of the pilgrimage to Santiago.If you are passing through Rioja in hot weather as a pilgrim with a backpack, it is probably not so advisable to indulge in a too-heavy meal. But please be sure to treat yourself to at least some of the wonderful cuisine and wine of this region: after all, you will have ample exercise to burn away the calories during the many more miles you will walk to Manresa!

No difficulties for cyclists

Laguardia: Km 0.
Lapuebla de Labarca: Km 9,9.
Fuenmayor: Km 14,5.
Navarrete: Km 19,6.


Step's sketch


The weather in Navarrete