Ignatian Way
Camí Ignasià
Inaziotar Bidea
Camiño Ignaziano
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Live the next jubilee of the Ignatian Way in 2029!

The Way

We recreate the path that the knight Ignatius of Loyola traveled in 1522 from Loyola to the city of Manresa.


How to prepare for the way? Here you have a number of tips that will facilitate and make the road easier.


A road that starts from Basque lands and passes through Rioja, Navarre and Aragon to Catalan lands ending in Manresa.

with Ignatius

Pilgrimage through life. The Spiritual Exercises and the pilgrimage on the Ignatian Way.


Experiences, activities, agencies, credentials, associations, path of respect...

Ignatian Way video