Religious tourism. Specialists in pilgrimages to the Holy Land, they also offer organized pilgrimages in other places, such as the

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Data Iberia

Global Compass Spain (Part of G2 Travel Group) Within the G2 Travel group, in 2024 they organize a personalized 14-day

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Iberian Adventures

Agency specialized in different Caminos de Santiago and journeys in the Pyrenees. They have also organized itineraries in 2023 for

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This travel agency offers to organize the initial and final stages of the Ignatian Way, with different services for pilgrims:

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The Ignatian Way

History of the Way, Pilgrimage to the past, the Spain of Ignatius, Acknowledgements…

Tips for the Way

Practicalities, credentials, certificates, transportation, lodging..

Pilgrimage in our life

The Spiritual Exercises and the pilgrimage on the Ignatian Way, the option of four weeks, guide for the Way, breathing the Way, the introductory prayer, the Spiritual Way…

The Pilgrim's Office

Experiences, activities, agencies, credentials, associations, path of respect…