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Welcome to the Camino Ignaciano pilgrimage website!

In 1522, Ignatius of Loyola journeyed from his home in Loyola to Montserrat and Manresa, not far from Barcelona. His almost month-long pilgrimage changed his life. His subsequent endeavors changed the world.

This web site will invite others to walk, cycle, or drive the same route that Ignatius traveled. Hit the road! Go to give thanks for all you have, to ponder some quandary, contemplate a looming choice, as a student of spirituality or history, or simply to have fun. Most who journey the “Camino Ignaciano” will be deeply touched by the experience, often in unanticipated ways. And, some who journey will be moved, like Ignatius of Loyola was, to change our world for the better.

This web site is being created with the hope that the pilgrim tradition will slowly gain momentum between now and that important anniversary in the history of Ignatian spirituality, of the Jesuits, and of the whole Church and world. The “Camino Ignaciano” will come fully to life if traveled by even a small fraction of the millions of men and women who have attended Jesuit schools, prayed the Spiritual Exercises, worshipped in Jesuit parishes, been inspired through Jesuit spirituality to struggle for a more just world, or been touched in some other way by the Ignatian tradition. All are invited to the “Camino Ignaciano” because pilgrimage is a deep metaphor for each person’s journey through life. Join us!

Love hopes all things!  So do we!

Tips for the Way

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The Ignatian Way

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Pilgrimage in our life

The Spiritual Exercises and the pilgrimage on the Ignatian Way, the option of four weeks, guide for the Way, breathing the Way, the introductory prayer, the Spiritual Way…