The Ignatian Way

Recreates the route that Ignatius of Loyola, being a knight, ran in 1522 from Loyola to Manresa.

This itinerary offers the opportunity to experience a pilgrimage, following the spiritual process that made Ignacio.
The road begins at the birthplace of Azpeitia (Guipúzcoa) and ends in the Cave of St. Ignatius in Manresa.

Welcome! Please join us in an exciting, new pilgrim journey. With the blessing of the Society of Jesus, we are a small group of men and women, lay and Jesuit, who are re-creating a pilgrim route commemorating the famous 1522 journey made by Ignatius of Loyola from his home in Spain’s Basque country to Montserrat and Manresa. Our goal is to revitalize a living tradition of 21st century route.

Pilgrims are like treasure hunters, driven by the hunger for discovery. But the pilgrim seeks internal treasures: forgiveness or reconciliation, a new direction or course in life, confirmation of a major life choice, or a renewed or rediscovered sense of personal identity.

This website is a guide to what we have christened the “Camino Ignaciano,” that is, the Ignatian “road” or the Ignatian “way.” Our route begins at the birthplace of Ignatius Loyola in Spain’s Basque country, in a village near the small town of Azpeitia. From there, the route proceeds for hundreds of kilometres, through picturesque mountains, deserts, and verdant plains, before ending in the town of Manresa (near Barcelona); Ignatius rested in this town for some months after his journey through Spain, and Manresa was a place of profound spiritual enlightenment for him. Here he composed the essence of his spiritual masterpiece, the Spiritual Exercises.

Pilgrims along the Camino Ignaciano will walk virtually the same route that Ignatius did, pass through many towns that he did, pray at churches where he worshipped, and marvel at the same natural wonders that he saw.

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