Documents that can be obtained from the Pilgrim Office at the Shrine of Manresa or Loyola:

Ignatian Pilgrimage Certificate (or “Ignatian”). This document is awarded to pilgrims who have completed the Ignatian Way by foot ( walking at least 100 km ) or by cycling ( 200 km ). The miles can be accumulated in different months or years and along different sections of the Ignatian Way. This Pilgrim’s Certificate documents the steps performed on the dates indicated and costs 0.5 €, to partially defray the administrative cost of the Pilgrim Office. La Ignaciana can be picked up at the Manresa Tourist Office, in the Plaza Mayor.

Ignatian Pilgrim Certificate. This document is given to all pilgrims who visit some part of the Ignatian Way. To obtain this certificate, it is necessary to present a credential with at least 5 stamps of locations or places visited along the Ignatian Way. The certificate price of 0.5 € helps to defray the cost of administering the Ignatian Way administration. The Ignatian Pilgrim certificate can be collected at the Manresa Tourist Office, in the Plaza Mayor.

The Ignatian Pilgrim Certificate can also be obtained in Loyola Sanctuary as well if you have done the pilgrimage in “reverse order” and finished at Loyola.

Every pilgrim who receives one or the other certificate will be recorded in the database of the Ignatian Way Office (OACI) and will become part of the community of the Ignatian Way.

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