Logroño Alcanadre

30,6 Kms

The laborers in the Lord’s vineyard should have one foot on the ground, and the other raised to proceed on their journey.

No difficulties for cyclists

but take care along the 2.6 kilometre section of the N-232 between the towns of Recajo and Agoncillo.

Pilgrims can walk along the left hand side of the road and so they don’t need to cross over, but the bikes have to be ridden along the right hand side of the road and it is not easy to cross. It’s best to use pedestrian crossings on the way into the towns.

Logroño: Km 0.
Varea: Km 2.6.
Recajo: Km 9.8.
Agoncillo: Km 14.
Arrúbal: Km 18
Aradón Hermitage: Km 25,2.
Alcanadre: Km 30,6.


Step's sketch


The weather in Alcanadre