Araia Alda

22 Kms

Nothing resists the truth for long: it may be assailed, but never overcome.

Cyclists will experience extreme difficulty.

The ascent is steep but the muddy terrain makes it even harder going. It’s not possible to cycle on the paths to Puerto Opakua: you have to dismount and on occasions find other, unmarked alternatives. It’s better to take an alternative path to reach the summit of the Opakua High and from there to Iturrieta High. So, first follow the A-3138, then take the A-2128 , thereby reaching Opakua and Iturrieta. The descent from Puerto Nuevo can be a bit difficult for the bike, so it may be advisable to follow the asphalt road in order to go through Kontrasta and then reach Ullibarri.
Walkers are strongly recommended to take every precaution in winter and not to venture along this route in snow or fog.

Araia: Km 0.
Albeniz: 2.2 km
San Roman: 4.3 Km.
(Bicuña) Entzia Port: 11.9 Km.
Puerto Nuevo: Km 18.5.
Ullíbarri: Km 20.5.
Alda: Km 22.


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The weather in Alda