Fraga Lleida

33 Kms


Just after crossing the River Cinca and departing the city of Fraga, we enter the “Comunidad Autónoma” of Catalunia, one of Spain’s seventeen “autonomous communities.”.

Catalonia will welcome us with open arms and with some helpful signposts along the way: the regional government has placed markers for the Camino Santiago throughout the province, and these markers will help us to keep our bearings as we continue our journey to Montserrat and Manresa.
Interior Templo Sagrada Familia

The Catalan nation has a glorious history and a rich culture, manifested in the vernacular language “Catalan,” which you will hear spoken throughout this region.

After you have finished your pilgrimage, you will surely want to visit Barcelona, very close to Manresa. There you will find a few spots visited by Ignatius, but you will also find many highlights of Catalan culture, including modern architectural masterpieces such as Gaudi’s magnificent Basilica of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia.

We continue our journey through Catalonia, the “home stretch” of the Camino Ignaciano. This land offered generous shelter, assistance and friendship to the pilgrim Ignatius of Loyola, and we trust you will feel similarly well cared for during your journey here.

A superior ought to treat his subjects in such a way that they may be cheerful, free from sadness, and serve God with a serene mind.

No difficulties for cyclists

although the way out of Fraga is extremely steep and pilgrims must take particular care at the road junction.

Fraga : Km 0.
Camino Real: Km 13.
Alcarràs: Km 19,3.
Butsènit: Km 25.
Lérida / Lleida: Km 33.


Step's sketch


The weather in Lleida