Zumárraga Arantzazu

21,4 Kms

You must strive much harder to tame the inner than the outer man, to break the spirit than the bones.

Cyclists will experience extreme difficulty.

The climb is very steep and you have to push the bike most of the time. It may be preferable to reach Arantzazu via the road by cycling first to Onate; this is a longer route but the climb is less steep. Furthermore it is not clear if cyclists are permitted through the Natural Park, where motor vehicles are not allowed.

For pilgrims on foot, in winter precautions are strongly advised and this route is not recommended at all during snow (December – March).

Zumárraga: Km 0.
Church of Legazpi: Km 5,1.
Telleriarte: 8,3.
Brinkola: Km 9,7.
Reservoir: Km 11,2.
Biozkornia Port: Km 16,6.
Arantzazu: Km 21,4.


Step's sketch


The weather in Arantzazu