Ultreia et Suseia! the Ignatian MAGIS

When a pilgrim sets off, the limits disappear: the horizon is the destination, wherever he is. The humility and simplicity in his plans with which he must start each stage, and the simple lifestyle with which he must advance day by day, are the sign of the authentic pilgrim. His lifestyle is the vehicle that will allow him to reach unthinkable extremes at the beginning of his journey. Little did the pilgrim Sergio Klecker, a former student of the Jesuits and currently a professor at the Pontifical University of Comillas, imagine that one day he would reach that Ultreia (always beyond) the pilgrims on their journey. Always pointing higher (the Suseia of the pilgrims), Sergio did not hesitate to approach Rome to meet the Holy Father Francis and offer him a copy of the Official Guide to the Ignatian Way. Explaining his personal experience, Sergio, a pilgrim of the Ignatian Way, invited the Pope to also become a pilgrim of the Way, which made him laugh for a moment, and thanked him for being welcomed as such on the first opportunity he visits our land. Perhaps in the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the conversion of Saint Ignatius and his first pilgrimage to Manresa, it would be a good time. “We will continue to pray for him, as he always asks us,” says Sergio. And we will continue building the Ignatian Way with our daily effort. Forward pilgrims!