The pilgrim’s meal: Second gastronomic festival

For the second year in a row, the Ignatian city of Manresa has hosted the Pilgrim’s Kitchen exhibition, a gastronomic event that tries to recover the culinary tradition of the Ignatian Pilgrim. This year the focus was on the “kitchen of the Way”, that is, the type of food that the pilgrims take to make their way: sandwiches, lunch boxes, etc. That’s why this year’s contest was about the best and most original sandwiches for the road. 28 restaurants in the Bages region offered special menus for two weeks linked to the pilgrim’s cuisine and the best chefs of the Bages, as well as the teachers of the award-winning Joviat gastronomy school, participated in the gastronomic contest. The awards ceremony, with tasting of pilgrim products included, brought together lovers of good sandwiches like those exhibited as a sample. In the photo, from left to right, the Regidor of Tourism, the Chef of El Turó, the Mayor of Manresa and the director of the Ignatian Way Office.