Running after Saint Ignatius almost 500 years later!

In June 2019, a marathon runner, Ariel Laguilles, a professor at Boston College Grad, decided to set himself the challenge of running the more than 650 km of the Ignatian Way. For those who know the film Chariots of Fire (1981), they will be able to place this feat of Ariel in the context of those runners, who ran to give glory to God. AMDG, as Saint Ignatius says. Ariel’s deep spiritual experience shocked the people of Manresa, who welcomed him on his final arrival at La Cova de San Ignacio. Every pilgrimage unites mind, body and heart: corporality, thoughts and emotions, in a single flow that transforms us internally and externally. These three elements are brought to their extreme power in the experience of running the Camino. The result is an unspeakable experience, but Ariel has wanted to share it as much as possible, both with his students and with all Ignatian pilgrims. Perhaps some more will be encouraged in the future to do this true physical-spiritual IRONMAN on the Ignatian Way. If you wish to do so, do not hesitate to consult Agustín Oulton, organizer of this special pilgrimage in 8 days (contact).

Blog with all the spiritual pilgrimage of Ariel

Video of the entire experience