To be in Manresa 500 years after him!

On March 2022… “Experience Íñigo 500”

This pilgrimage was intended to be the replica of the one that Ignatius did in 1522, 500 years ago, arriving to Manresa on the very same day as he did: afternoon March 25th. We were a group of pilgrims from many different places: Italy, Cuba, Colombia, USA, Britain, Spain, Singapore… Different people, different cultures but the understanding was perfect! The youngest in its 40s and the oldest in its 80s. Wonderful mixture!! In winter, trying not to walk in the difficult mountains, but trying to keep the sense of the pilgrimage for more than two weeks of experience. Prayer, sharing and liturgies, along with the Autobiography and the Spiritual Exercises, was a combination that brought to every pilgrim to the best experience as a walker’s, disciples du Christ. Pain and penance were with us at some moments, not just under the cold rain but in the long distances as well. Tendinitis was an obstacle difficult to overcome. But we did it, and we arrived with great joy to the end of our pilgrimage in Manresa at the day scheduled.

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