The Way to Manresa: Discoveries along the Ignatian Camino

Brendan McManus, SJ

Surprise of the Covid 19 lockdown: a new Ignatian Camino book arrives!

The Covid 19 has not been one impediment for the new release of a new book published by Loyola Press in the US. Perhaps you can think that it is an unfortunate time to take delivery of a new book. But then we have to think as Ignatius would thought: ‘hold on, aren’t you always going on about Finding God in all things’, so what’s this saying to you?! The Camino Ignaciano is still alive and will overcome the obstacles that Covid 19 is setting for the pilgrims to come to Spain.
The book is the story of a Camino Ignaciano pilgrimage, Loyola to Manresa, that goes all wrong and then goes all right (actually is the story of Brendan’s life). Because of an accident, he became a ‘limping Jesuit’ just like Ignatius. The pilgrimage became more about the people he met along the way and the deep conversations they had. As a spiritual director Brendan was well trained in helping those who had their own questions about life. Then, at the eleventh hour he got an insight about his own life and ministry, narrated in his book
In Ignatian terms it’s called spiritual freedom or detachment, the ability to roll with difficult situations and find a way through without getting caught in expectations or wanting to be in control.

European editor: You can get his book right here

USA editor: You can get his book right here