Manresa 2022: 500 years since the arrival of Íñigo de Loyola!

Since 2013, the city of Manresa, the heart of Catalonia, is preparing to welcome Íñigo again. 500 years later, the city recovers its Ignatian and Jesuit roots, with the collaboration of the La Cova Sanctuary. Architectural renovations. Recovery of the places with an Ignatian presence, such as the old hospital of Santa Lucía, where Íñigo experienced the well-known spiritual abduction. Or the place of the great lighting of Íñigo, contemplating the Cardoner river.

The Manresa 2022 website is the portal where you can consult everything that has been done and what is planned for the future. Although the original page is in Catalan, with Google Translator you can translate the page into all languages from the Chrome browser.

This group of pilgrims from CLC Philippines have already been able to enjoy the Ignatian Manresa, that heart that beats to the rhythm of the 500 years of the pilgrimage of Saint Ignatius.