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On June 2015, six years before the 500th anniversary of Ignatius’ pilgrimage, the instructors, Prof. Hung Pham, S.J. and Prof. Kathryn Barush, with a group of twelve graduate students, set off from Berkeley, California following the road where Ignatius once walked, anticipating a transformative journey of their own. Collaborating with Fr. Josep Lluís Iriberri, SJ, director of Oficina del Peregrino del Camino Ignaciano, the Camino Ignaciano Course was designed to give the students an opportunity to deepen their personal relationship with God and to serve as part of the discernmen of their life direction. As Ignatius’ conversion was inspired by the lives of Saint Dominic and Saint Francis, students were moved by Saint Ignatius’ experience and his spiritual exercises. Envisioning the students as pilgrims and the classroom as the road, the course emphasized the importance of encountering sacred space and objects in situ and doing theology on the road. This piece is a visual travelogue describing our journey and some of the graces we received with a focus on four sacred sites: Loyola, Arantzazu, Montserrat, and Manresa.

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