Tudela Gallur

39,3 Kms

You may be sure that the progress you make in spiritual things will be in proportion to the degree of your withdrawal from self-love and concern for your own welfare.

No difficulties for cyclists

but there are two points between Ribaforada and Cortes at which you have to take short alternative routes, following dirt roads bordering these points. If you always keep the railway as your reference point, you won’t get lost. Pilgrims on foot can travel more easily along the small trails or loose stone paths near the railway, which remains our reference until Cortes.

Tudela: Km 0.
El Bocal: Km 8,7.
Ribaforada: Km 13,5.
Cortes: Km 26,2.
Mallén: Km 29,8.
Gallur: Km 39,3.


Step's sketch


The weather in Gallur